The SnOh Ball (FROZEN)

Ice cold foot massage

Non-toxic freezable gel inside stays cold for hours. Reduces swelling, relaxes muscle spasms & provides immediate relief. Conforms to the natural arch of your foot. Sturdy grip handles allow you to pinpoint the pain area & control how much pressure is applied. Plus, you won’t have to chase it across the room!

    The SnOh Ball relieves pain from:

    • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Heel Spurs
    • Arch and Ball of Foot Pain

    What Makes The SnOh Ball Different?

    ✔️Invented by (former!) plantar fasciitis sufferer 
    ✔️Non-toxic freezable gel inside for ice cold therapy
    ✔️Handles allow for pinpoint accuracy
    ✔️ Preferred by runners, athletes, & doctor recommended 
    ✔️Made in the USA
    ✔️Save $$$!! No replacing insoles every 6-12 months 

    Fast & FREE Shipping 

    Use it for just 7 days and you will notice a dramatic decrease in your foot pain. After 21 days of consistent use, your foot pain will be gone. Don’t believe us? That’s ok. We offer a pain-free money back GUARANTEE!

      Ball made from sturdy, durable outer shell filled with non toxic gel. 

      From Satisfied Customers

      "I'm a runner and a SKEPTIC. I tried everything for my Plantar Fasciitis from custom orthotics to physical therapy. I finally purchased an Oh Ball, within 8 DAYS I was pain-free and RUNNING!"

      Tammy Anderson

      "It's such a simple concept but brings MAJOR results! Its versatility allows you to throw it in your gym bag and make it apart of your stretching, post workouts or in your purse to roll your feet under your desk at work or on your lunch break."

      Natasha D., Marathon Runner

      "As a family physician I see a lot of patients who struggle with heel pain from Plantar Fasciitis. This product is unique in it's design in that it allows the user to adjust the pressure and direct the Oh Ball to where it is most effective. Other available treatments for Plantar Fasciitis and other heel and foot pain syndromes do not offer this usability. I just recently purchased the Oh Ball and have already recommended it to some of my patients."

      K. Presley, DO

      "Running and being a mom of three I am on my feet ALL day! I have struggled with Plantar Fasciiatis and have extremely high arches. By the end of the day my feet are done. The Oh Ball has been amazing! I have found that a tennis ball can be too soft and a golf ball too small. The Oh Ball is life changing!!"

      Bethany Davis