I’ve experienced the horrible effects of plantar fasciitis first hand. I spent 3 years and thousands of dollars searching for a solution. I tried everything short of injections and surgery. The crippling pain I experienced from plantar fasciitis inspired the creation of The Oh Ball. In just 4 weeks of using The Oh Ball, my pain was gone. I knew I wanted to help others get the same freedom I now enjoy.

I have seen no other product on the market which treats foot pain as quickly, effectively and consistently as The Oh Ball and The SnOh Ball, and we have hundreds of reviews and testimonials to prove it."

A Bigger Mission

When you purchase an Oh Ball, you're not just making a smart decision for your feet, you're apart of a bigger mission! Here at the Oh Ball headquarters in the midwest, we employ many Burmese refugees who arrive with no English language skills and limited opportunity. We love these wonderful, resilient, hard-working individuals, who have overcome so many hardships! Our mission is to provide them with a positive, encouraging working environment, and generous and livable wage. But you can be sure, we are truly the ones who are blessed to work with them!

WHy The Oh Ball?

The Oh Ball conforms to the natural arch of the foot. The handles allow you to pinpoint the location and control how much pressure is applied. Plus, you won’t have to chase it across the room!

After using it for just 7 days you will notice a dramatic decrease in your foot pain. After 21 days of consistent use, your foot pain will be gone.

Don’t believe me? That’s ok. We offer a pain-free money back guarantee. We’ll even cover return shipping!

Kipp Hagaman
Inventor & CEO