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a unique opportunity for chiropractors in iowa

Over 10,000 pain-free customers.

Be the Hero to your patient.

"I’ve experienced the horrible effects of plantar fasciitis first hand, and spent three years and thousands of dollars searching for a solution. The crippling pain I experienced from plantar fasciitis inspired The OH Ball. In just four weeks of using The Oh Ball, my pain was gone. After three years of struggling with other solutions I knew I wanted to help others get the same freedom I now enjoy."

Kipp Hagaman

Inventor and CEO

If your patients have regular foot pain, you won’t want to miss this ...

Chiropractors in Iowa

For years, The Oh Ball has been effectively relieving foot pain from athletes, nurses, marathon runners and the everyday hard-working American.

We are happy to announce that you can now help your patients relieve their plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, arch and ball of foot pain.

We have helped over 10,000 customers successfully relieve their foot pain. You now have the unique opportunity to not only give your patients relief, but also make passive income in the process.

Details of this exciting new program are below.

Program Highlights:

  • Get Your Patients Better... FASTER
  • Be a Hero to Your Patients
  • Enjoy the Profits for You and Your Clinic
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over 10,000 pain-free customers

See their Oh Success Stories

I had doubts about any lasting pain relief. But three days I was walking with ease and just about no pain.

- Emmitt Thrower

I overlooked this because I thought it was just a ball on a rope ... But I eventually gave it a go and I am so glad I did. Finally relief!

- Ryan Dutcher

It's Simple.

Step 1

Choose your Package

Use any GET STARTED link to purchase the amount of Oh Balls and SnOh Balls you want.

Step 2

Get your Welcome Package

You will receive your product and display case within 1-2 weeks.

Step 3

Get Patients Help Faster

Be a hero to your patients and make money while doing it.

Doctor Recommended

Doctor REcommended

"As a family physician I see a lot of patients who struggle with heel pain from Plantar Fasciitis. This product is unique in it's design in that it allows the user to adjust the pressure and direct the Oh Ball to where it is most effective. Other available treatments for Plantar Fasciitis and other heel and foot pain syndromes do not offer this usability. I just recently purchased the Oh Ball and have already recommended it to some of my patients."
- K. Presley, DO

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Our Welcome Packages

To get started, select the package that would work best for your office and then Add to Cart. Once you buy the product, you will receive your welcome package (Oh Balls and Display Case) with in a couple weeks.

Platinum Tier<br>Wholesale

Platinum Tier

Get the most value and greatest margin.

Package Includes:

  • 12 SnOh BallsMSRP $49.95 / Wholesale $24.58
  • 12 Oh BallsMSRP $34.95 / Wholesale $17.08
  • Free Display Case

Relief from:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Arch and Ball of Foot Pain
  • Heel Spurs


Buy today and save 40% ($339.35)

"The Oh Ball eliminated my plantar fasciitis."

Georges Niang

2-time AP All-American

Gold Tier<br>Wholesale

Gold Tier

Get started and help your patients

Package Includes:

  • 6 SnOh BallsMSRP $49.95 / Wholesale $29.17
  • 6 Oh BallsMSRP $34.95 / Wholesale $20.83
  • Free Display Case

Relief from:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Arch and Ball of Foot Pain
  • Heel Spurs


Buy today and save 28% ($119.45)

"I regularly use the Oh Ball to help with foot release and plantar pain!"

Andrew Lemoncello

2X Olympian, World Record Holder

Silver Tier<br>Wholesale

Silver Tier

Dip your toes in the water, see results

Package Includes:

  • 3 SnOh BallsMSRP $49.95 / Wholesale $39.14
  • 3 Oh BallsMSRP $34.95 / Wholesale $27.20
  • Free Display Case

Relief from:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Arch and Ball of Foot Pain
  • Heel Spurs


Buy today and save 5% ($9.75)

"The Oh Ball is LIFE CHANGING!"

Bethany Davis

Mom, Runner & Fitness Trainer

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