About us

Have you tried tennis balls, golf balls or frozen water bottles & found them to be lacking?

How about a simple effective solution that also works for recovery and as a preventative?

Whether you're training for your next race, working long hours on your feet or if you just need an effective foot rub at the end of the day,  The OH Ball is the solution you've been looking for.

Handles. That's the difference. You can put it right where you need it and never chase it across the room. It's anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, American made, GUARANTEED unconditionally and most importantly, IT WORKS.

The OH Ball has been featured in Women's Running, Running Insights, Outdoor Magazine and others and has been touted as a revolutionary advance in the daily treatment of, and the effective recovery from foot pain.


"The Oh Ball is amazing and gave me a pain free second half of the season"
Georges Niang - 2x All-American  NCAA basketball, Iowa State University
"I regularly use the Oh Ball to help with foot release and Plantar pain.  I’ve given to many athletes that I coach and PT’s who have found it very useful because you can guide the wooden ball to the exact area of tightness and help release it."
Andrew Lemoncello -2x Olympian, World record holder and trainer of Elite Runners worldwide