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Great Product for Plantar Fasciitis - cured mine!

I am a runner and a massage therapist. I struggled with PF and an excruciating heel spur for nearly a year. I tried a whole bunch of things to help it, and wasn't able to make any headway. Finally I stumbled across this product - after reading the reviews I decided to give it a try. I bought it 3 months ago, and after using it regularly, my PF and heel spur are 99% gone. This thing is AMAZING!!

Here's what I did: For the first 8 weeks or so, I used it 3 or 4 times a day, concentrating on breaking up that crunchy heel spur. It really hurts initially, but I gave it as much pressure as I could stand. I would keep rolling and working my heel until it felt like the spur was "broken up". Then I would massage my arch & rest of the foot with the ball. Once the heel spur was broken up a bit, walking was less painful for a while. Then when I noticed the heel spur giving me more pain, I would repeat the process. Over time the ball got less painful to use, and began to feel more like "scratching an itch". That's when I knew I was making progress! You have to keep at it pretty regularly, and at any time you feel that heel spur flaring up. After about 10 weeks, I was using it just at bedtime. After 3 months, I use it only if I feel like that heel spur might want to come back - maybe twice a week, if that.

One of the keys to this product is the hardness of the wood ball, and the control the string gives you. You have perfect control over where you want to target the pressure, and the string allows you to apply more or less pressure as you need. I tried a golf ball, a tennis ball, one of those spiky ball things for feet, massage tools, frozen water bottles. Nothing compares to the control you get with this, and when you are trying to target that heel spur, you need this type of control.

There was another reviewer who recommended using OrthoHeel shoe inserts to help cushion the heel - I also did that so that I could be more comfortable running. I love the OrthoHeel inserts and still use them daily, not only in my running shoes but also in my other shoes.

- Donna L Cox


Oh, How I Love My SnOh Ball!

The SnOh Ball, along with its cousin, the Oh Ball,are worth their weight in gold! I own both, and I do not know what I would do without these products. They really, REALLY do exactly what they are designed to do -- repair injured feet, and all the more so within a prescribed plan of physical therapy. When a tendon is injured -- generally repeatedly because we use our feet all the time -- inflammation occurs and scar tissue builds up as the foot tries to repair itself. Cold therapy is the most ideal solution for an inflamed tendon, ligament, muscle, or joint. And the gentle massage that both the SnOh Ball and Oh Ball give, helps to break up the scar tissue. After ten or fifteen minutes of icing and rolling, my pain is markedly reduced. I use the SnOh Ball primarily to reduce inflammation, and the Oh Ball, which is harder and gives a better massage, to break up the scar tissue and stretch my tendons. I have been using these products every day for about a week. I am amazed over the marked improvement in my injured foot. And with continued use, I am looking forward to happier and pain-free feet in the not too distant future.

- The Captain's Lady


Genius idea and well constructed.

Genius idea and execution. Very cold at first but your foot quickly acclimates. Don't be afraid of the cold! Sometimes it's hard to maneuver with both hands, so I just loosely tie the 2 cords together on the top of my knee while seated. Kinda like using the TV as a babysitter for a little "don't want to work that hard" time.

When you're ready to work a little, you can use the straps to keep the ball on your foot as you extend your knee and do "point/flex" movements (again while seated). And keeping the cords "tied" together lets you use one hand in most of the maneuvers.

The lid was quite hard to pry off at first but just keep tugging/prying on it. I use the container to store the SnOh Ball in the freezer but don't usually use the lid anymore.

Thanks for the neat product!

- P. Johnson


So much relief!

My right foot has Plantars, and this product has been fantastic in relieving my pain. I can choose between hot and cold, and my husband no longer has to give my foot a deep tissue massage when I hurt so much I want to cry. Well worth the money!

- Jinxiejoy



So great, and it really holds the cold temp for hours. I've loved my oh ball for over a year and even keep a second one in my car, and this is a nice complement to it when the feet are really achy and need the soothing cold.

- Yesterday's princess


Great Product!

Better than a lacrosse ball! Cold and easier to control.

- Frank


Five Stars

Works great for my wife's planter facia pain

- Phil Krotz


Five Stars

Awesome - works really well!

- Tania S. Mazza


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