October 12, 2017

Its no secret that the shoes you wear have a tremendous impact on the health of your feet.And it's also pretty common knowledge that your knees, hips, back, and even neck health all depend upon the foundation that your feet offer. All the same, many people -- even athletes and people who work physically demanding jobs -- do not take their footwear choices as seriously as they should. This can lead to discomfort at best and unnecessary injuries at worst. That's why we have put together this quick list of factors to consider when buying your next pair of shoes.

  1. Does the base bend?If you can bend the base of a shoe between your hands without extraordinary effort, then that footwear does not offer the support that your body needs. 
  1. How much do your shoes weigh?Contrary to popular belief, lighter shoes are not automatically better. (In fact, unless you are a sprinter, they offer little benefit.) For most people, even athletes in competitive situations, the support and injury-protection that sturdier shoes offer is well worth the extra ounce or two of weight.
  1. How do various footwear brands hold up to user scrutiny?We are not affiliated with any footwear brands, so we won't offer any specific suggestions -- and besides, there are too many brands out there to cover in one short article anyway. But taking a moment to Google reviews for a footwear brand before buying is a good way to save yourself a headache (or foot ache) down the road.
  1. Do you feel comfortable?Regardless of how much any footwear may cost, how well-known the brand is, or how impressive the marketing promises made may be -- if you do not feel comfortable, then those are not the shoes for you!
  1. Does your shoe store offer personalized attention?This factor is often overlooked in the internet age, but going into a real-life foot store and receiving personalized attention and advice from an expert really can be worth the trip. This is especially true for anyone looking for shoes that serve a very specific purpose, such as sportswear.
  1. Do you have a well-varied shoe wardrobe?Wear the same shoes day in and day out isn't good for your feet, your shoes, or your style. Investing in multiple pairs of shoes for each physical activity/hobby that you participate in is well worth it, both financially and personally.

Choosing your shoes according to the criteria above can play an important role in helping you to avoid injuries while at work or play. However, accidents do sometimes happen -- and if you find yourself with a foot problem, you will quickly discover that footwear and inserts designed for issues such as plantar fasciitis can cost a small fortune! 

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